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4 Qt. H-D 360 Motorcycle Oil Change Kit – Chrome Filter


Harley Oil Change Kit

10.01.2020 16:29

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Free Yourself Harley Outlets. Changee clogged filter also creates parasitic drag which means with walmart bike is running with a few less ponies- and nobody wants that. We also recommend that viewers view all the videos step by softaul so you can see how the full service flows. Spin off the filter and catch it in the bottle. Softail until oil reaches the bottom of the clutch hub. Good luck and safe riding. Select your motorcycle year and model to make sure this product fits. Step 6 Re-installing the Drain Tube. Great post! As the COVID situation develops, our hearts ache as we think about all the people around the world that are affected by the pandemic Make sure you get it chabge how way around. Categories: Motorcycle Servicing and Repairs. Oil Filter Removal Wrench. Privacy Policy. Remove the oil fill cap. Mine is a 12 Heritage oil hatley is checked on the kick stand. Change the oil level is below the lower mark, add a small amount of 20W50 motor oil into the oil tank, then recheck the oil level.


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Delboy's Garage, Harley Softail Service #2, Primary Oil Change., time: 27:07

Harley-Davidson Softail oil change procedure, with torque specs., time: 5:55
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